Attracted To The Girl Next Door?

Attracted To The Girl Next Door?


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Most of us are attracted to the party-girl type; the one who knows how to have fun and makes you smile with her energy. There comes a time, however, when we need something else, a cute, but at the same time responsible girl with whom we could settle down. But is this girl real, or is she just a myth we like to think about when we think about the perfect woman?

How does this girl look like?

The girl next door is the type of girl that you always admired, but were too afraid to approach. She has a sweet innocence you do not dare to question or destroy with dirty thoughts. She is kind and has a natural beauty which renders it impossible to take your eyes off. She could be a girl you met in your childhood and now you see her again after so many years, but she still looks as innocent as in the past.

This girl is not afraid of taking care of the house, she is a good cook and she likes to keep her home clean. Usually, she is not fond of going out clubbing because she does not like the people that spend their time in these places. She would rather stay at home or watch a movie and she definitely enjoys taking care of you and making you happy.

This kind of girl does not draw attention on her, not because she is not attractive, but because she wants to keep a low profile. She is yours, and she does not need to impress anyone else. You can always count on her to be trustworthy and reliable because she will always keep her promises due to the fact that she was brought up in a family with strong moral values. She believes in the importance of family and respect. She will not play games with you and she will enjoy every single gesture you do to show you care about her. This being said, you do not have to buy her expensive jewelry or spend a lot of money on impressing her. She is a modest girl, but whenever she has to dress up for an occasion, she will look like a million bucks.

Another great thing about her is her personality. She will be honest with you at all times and treat you with respect. She is not afraid of speaking her mind, but she will always take your feelings into consideration. Her presence makes you want her more around and she can never annoy you with the way she behaves.

Does it sound too good to be true? Well, unfortunately, it might be the case. I mean, sometimes you would like your woman to challenge you and revive the spark between you, but this girl is very predictable and she does not usually like to change anything. In time, you might take her for granted because she will always be by your side, asking for nothing in return and complying with anything you might say.

The worst thing that may happen is to find out she was actually pretending and she has been the type of girl you started to run from in the beginning.

When time comes for you to settle down and start a family, this type of girl is perfect because she will be very committed to your relationship, unlike other women you have met before.

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