Be a respectful online dater

Be a respectful online dater


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There are those men who use foul language and are let’s say…daring. They contact a woman online with a demanding tone in their text and get straight to business by asking her phone number using bad grammar and ghetto language.

While this might work to common women who have the same language style and attitude, such messages are a nightmare for women who are hoping to find love through online dating. Those women are looking for a mannered man who knows the importance of grammar and a respectful tone. High quality women don’t need a pansy but they don’t need a mobster, either.

If you feel like sending a message to a woman’s dating profile, make sure to use a beautiful introduction line. Pick something from her profile and write about that. Let’s say that you saw she is into painting. Introduce yourself and tell her what painter you like most and ask who her favorite artist is. Start from there, if she has any interest in you, she will reply and you can develop something beautiful out of that subject. Even if she’s not answering to your message, you have to do your part properly and don’t let her remember you as the guy who tried to grab her attention with “What up, babe?”

Needless to say, it’s also disrespectful to send a woman nude pictures of yourself or ask for nude pictures of her, even if you already talked for a while on the online dating site. This kind of sharing is made to be done after gaining a certain intimacy in-person. If you make this mistake, she will for sure take you as a pervert or a rude and immature man.

Talk to her nicely and pay her compliments in a decent amount and formula, nothing like “Hey, nice breasts.”

Every woman appreciates respect and you will receive the same if you act accordingly. Remember that even if you are talking to a woman by text and not in person, she will make an image about you which you have to make sure that is positive. 

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