Being stood up on a date

It is the second time a woman stood me up on a date and I honestly have no idea what I have done wrong. Can you tell me what could have happened to make her decide not to show up and not even tell me about it?

Question from: Tom

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Letsbond answers:

When you have reached that point when you are dating many women, this is a risk you have to take. Sometimes they lose their interest in such a manner that they do not even let you know they are not going to show up on your date. This is not exactly a nice thing to do, but it happens and you do not have to blame yourself for it.

Sometime people change their mind and do not really care about the consequences. You should rather take it as her loss and not yours. There are lots of women out there who would date you and if she stood you up she simply made a mistake. Do not let you confidence suffer a blow just because one woman decided you are not good enough for her. Well, maybe she was not good enough for you (heh), so do not be too disappointed. Instead, you could set your first date at a nearby coffee shop and you can bring a book with you; in case she does not show up, you will still have something else to do which is not related to her.

No matter how your date goes, never lose your confidence. We are learning something from every experience we have.

Good luck!

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