Being yourself

Being yourself


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1. Attracting women techniques teach you how to be someone else?

Many men who have been reading about techniques to attract women seem to be confused because there are articles in which they are told to be themselves and then they read another one in which they are being taught all sort of cheats and tricks to attract women. All these tricks do not turn you into someone you are not. They only provide a mean of getting into contact with a woman. Moreover, most of these materials are all about teaching men to act more authentic and not less.

Yes, you can learn techniques to attract women or how to talk to them and what to say, but there was also a time when you didn’t know how to kiss, and you learned that too. Did that make you someone else?

2. Being yourself when dating online

I’ve heard men complaining that when they go online and try to act “normal” women don’t seem to respond. What does acting normal mean? Nobody says that you have to lie to women when dating online. The key is to know how to draw their attention. It is not about being someone else but about how you write your first e-mail. What you should do:

1. Watch the personals and only send messages to the new ads

2. When she replies, e-mail her and ask for her number. Tell her that your inbox is full and if she is interested, she should act fast or you’ll be gone.

3. Get her number and use the phone.

4.  Don’t ever talk about normal things.

Get back there and make something happen!

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