Breaking the habit to keep her

Breaking the habit to keep her


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You find yourself in a good relationship, with a woman who loves you, cares for you and tries to make you happy and of course you don’t want that to slip away, but after a while you feel her starting to grow restless and impatient towards you, avoiding to go out with you in public so often, or even invite you to family dinners. What could be the problem you ask?

You need to change

No one asks for a change in the fundamental behavior of a man, but there are a few changes that you need to undergo, because, after all, you love your woman and she is the best thing that happened to you, so don’t be stubborn! Now is the time when you start to realize that you used to make certain mistakes in your previous relationships that triggered their ending sooner or later. Know that your girlfriend is not competing for supremacy in the relation, but only has your best interests at heart and wants to see you grow as a person and be better, so take advantage of her selfless purpose.

What you first need to do is listen to her. No, not just hear her utter the words, but actually listen to what she has to say and acknowledge that information, because it comes for free!

You can actually pay her compliments

Don’t just compliment her out of habit, like when you pick her up for dinner, you automatically say “You look great” – this is the knee-jerk compliment syndrome and you need to change this as soon as possible, because she will sense it. Break the routine, and pay some attention to details, if she does something different with her hair, wear new earrings, does her manicure, wears another type of make-up, etc. and compliment her spontaneously on that exact thing. She will be more than ecstatic to see you have noticed, because after all, she may be trying something new especially for you.

Focus on something else other than her appearance

You may even try to change your habit of always complimenting her on her looks, and start to focus on her intelligence, opinions, ideas and values. You can also try letting her have a lead in initiating intercourse, even if this means that you might be missing out on a a bit of foreplay every now and then. Don’t always be the one who starts it, because she will get the impression that all your expectations from her target a sole physical purpose, and you definitely don’t want that. If she sees that you don’t treat her as a sex object, in an ironic twist, you will get more sex.

Don’t change your behavior towards her

Why do men consider it inappropriate or uncomfortable to act with their girlfriends in front of their male friends like they normally do? Maybe because you consider it a sign of weakness, but you should know that showing your love in front of your friends is not an emasculating experience. Real men are not ashamed with their partner, so if you are actually this type of person, you should drop the act and make a change, but most importantly, respect your woman as she deserves.

Be the perfect gentleman

You should also incline for a change in your life and behavior to show your loved one that you care, especially when she starts to act cold towards you. You can try to be the first to call her from time to time, to refrain from interrupting her when she’s speaking, even though you may feel you are not in control, and keep the simple chivalry rules alive: open the doors for her, pull out her chair when at the restaurant, offer to pay for dinner. She will notice these small changes in you, and will definitely appreciate them, knowing that her man cares for and about her, and she will respond in the same manner. What reasons could she have not to? Be this type of man and you will surely see an improvement in your relationship on the long-run.

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