Breaking up in your 30’s

Breaking up in your 30’s


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We can all agree that life was much easier when we were in our 20’s and had no idea what our future would be like, but we did not really worry about that. We were just living in the present.

Now that you are in your 30’s you find it hard to enter a new relationship because you are more cautious than when you were younger. Being young is about experiencing everything and not worrying about the consequences so much. Even if you broke up with a girl it was not so tragic because you knew you had your whole life ahead of you to meet new girls and be happy.

When you are in your 30’s you are thinking more about settling down with a great woman who completes you in every single way. This kind of vision makes you more picky and cautious when it comes to starting a new relationship. You do not want to spend time with a woman and then realize you were not meant to grow old together because as time goes by, the chances of meeting new women are decreasing.

The difference between breaking up in your 20’s and splitting in your 30’s is that when you are younger, you do no invest so many feelings and future plans as when you are 30. Therefore, when you break up, your pride is the one which was hurt the most, but as you grow older, you get frustrated that yet another relationship failed and you feel tired of starting over again.

Even though it might be really difficult to put an end to a relationship when you are in your 30’s, never hesitate to follow your instincts. It is better to split and still have a chance to meet your real soulmate, or you can stay with this woman forever and get more and more frustrated as years pass by. If your relationship does not work you have to take responsibility for it and act as a grown up about it. When there is nothing you can fix, do not just settle with less than you had expected. You are not 20 anymore, you will not meet a new girl every other week, but you will have a chance to meet a woman who has the same future plans as you do and you would make a perfect couple together. It is hard to go all in when you are not sure it will work out, but sometimes you just have to take that leap of faith which can make a difference in your life.

All I am saying is that once your relationship is over you should not despair and lose all hope of finding The One. She is there waiting for you to find her and build a great life together, all you have to do is be patient and confident. No matter how many failed relationships you had, there is always hope to turn your life around.

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