Can men and women have chemistry online

Can men and women have chemistry online?


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Online dating has become in recent years one of the best ways through which you can meet new people and especially find men and women for a relationship. It is a safe environment where single people can meet and maybe even schedule dates.

Connecting with a person online is much simpler than going out on a regular Friday night in a bar or a nightclub. The world of online dating can lead to a strong connection between two people as it offers the safety and intimacy that two people need to get to know each other and maybe even develop a long lasting relationship.

Some men can be skeptical regarding their rate of success when it comes to online dating because they don’t believe that it’s possible to find and develop some kind of chemistry with someone they meet online.

It’s a logical and natural assumption. It’s hard to know for sure if you have chemistry with someone online, but how else can you tell that you really want to ask them out or not, to a real date?


That spark that you naturally feel when you become attracted to someone is hard to figure out in the online environment. Since chemistry is an uncontrollable reaction that we feel when we connect with another individual, it is supposed to be a shared emotion, a mutual sensation that seems to channel the energies between you and the woman that caught your eye.

This sensation always occurs and comes out of the blue when we meet someone in person and can’t be planned, predicted or controlled, so that if you feel it, you know there’s something there. These are the main issues when it comes to online dating and chemistry.

Online dating

When can these so called chemistry rushes occur?

When you browse through a list of women, you find someone that catches your interest, you look at her photos, read her profile and you find something interesting to message her about. She goes through the same process to see whether she will respond or not. This kind of interaction takes the emotions out of the process which becomes highly indirect.

Online chemistry a myth?

It’s not really a myth, mainly because online dating does not contradict chemistry’s entire working mechanism. When the messages come back and forth with a woman, you can quickly determine whether the two of you have a chance of developing a real connection. If the messages and chats are very intense and frequent, there are high odds that if you two meet in person the chemistry will kick in.

Still you can never be sure of the chemistry you might have with a woman you met on an online dating site, but if you work up the courage you can find out if that spark is real, just by meeting her.

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