Can you go back to being friends?

Can you go back to being friends?


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You have been friends with benefits, but once the sex isn’t interesting anymore, things can get weird and you would want to get back to the way things were before. It can be done, if you follow the next pieces of advice:

Why remain friends?

If the girl in question used to be a close friend and it is someone who you know for some time, have a great time with and you feel comfortable around her, you would want to remain friends. Moreover, this type of people are hard to find and it makes sense to remain as close as you used to be.

Make sure you are both feeling the same way

Before going back to being friends, you must make sure that you are both feeling the same way. Tell her what type of relationship you want with her and find out if you are on the same page. You don’t know what to think? Ask yourself the following questions:

Was she the one who ended it?

If she is the one who ended it, she might think that you are not over her yet, but that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t want you to be friends.

Did the relationship end on bad terms?

If it did, she might be too angry to want to be your friend.

Does she try to stay in touch?

This is a good sign despite the fact that she is hesitant at first. The fact that she returns your calls means that she wants to be friends.

Don’t lead her on

If she wants to maintain the friends with benefits relationship or if she wants to take things to a romantic level, you mustn’t lead her on. This are some tips to make sure you don’t:

Avoid alone time- When you start hanging out, do it with a group of friends. It will remove some of the awkwardness and will also reinforce the fact that you want to be just friends.

Stick to daytime plans- This way you can avoid expectations.

Date other people –And tell her about it, encouraging her to do the same.

Fight the temptation to restart the romance- You might be tempted to relapse. If you do, it is best to avoid each other a while.

Take the necessary time- Getting back to friendship is not impossible but it takes time, especially after a sexual relationship.

Give her space- You might be on different timelines. Pick up on the hints she gives you and if she seems to need some space, give it to her.

Know when to stop trying

There are times when a former friend who turned into a lover might never be able to be just your friend again:

Does she still see you as a potential boyfriend?

Does she get jealous?

Does she resent you?

Don’t blame yourself if the friendship never moves forwards. It can happen to anyone. The important thing is for you to know when it is time to move on and meet new people.

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