Cheap date ideas

Cheap date ideas


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Despite the fact that it is the 21st century, there are still plenty of women who still think that you should pay the tab on a date. No matter what she asks for, even if she is rich or makes more money than you, you should always be prepared to pay, so, if you are on a low budget, you must get creative.

These are 5 tips to go on a cheap date and still impress her.

1. Embrace the nature

You could borrow two kayaks and take her to the river, pond, swimming pool, marsh or ocean. Everyone loves nature. You can even impress her with some fun facts about the corners of nature that you are visiting.

2.Be creative

Take her to the most beautiful scenery in the town you live in and pack a picnic. It doesn’t have to be expensive, but you must be creative. For instance, make a tomato and cheese sandwich, a salad and cookies and milk for desert.

3. Go stargazing

You can borrow a telescope from a friend and take her stargazing. Look for areas with good visibility and learn the names of a few constellations, bring a bottle of wine and you will be enjoying a really romantic date.

4. Volunteer

A free idea of a date is to volunteer together. You can call a local soup kitchen or a homeless center to set up a day where you can go together and serve dinner to the residents. Before this date, you must tell her what you are planning to do so that she won’t show up overdressed.

5. Visit the dog park

If you both like dogs, the park is the perfect location to get to know each other. It is totally free and she will also have a great time because dog persons love to see them playing and barking around them.

There are many other great ideas for cheap dates, but these can get you going and keep in mind that most women won’t mind how much the date costs as long as you impress her with thoughtfulness and sensitivity.

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