Dating at over 60 – Pros and cons of dating at the age of 60

Dating at over 60 - Pros and cons of dating at the age of 60


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It doesn’t matter whether you are a teenager or over 60, you can still be nervous about a date. Not necessarily all the time, but especially when you are over 60 and don’t want to commit to a relationship.

Considering some of these pros and cons of dating over the age of 60, will hopefully help you understand the advantages and disadvantages of dating someone.


A man over 60 has a set of clear principles by which he guides himself therefore having stable emotions. He has a more mature approach regarding every aspect of his life and is also financially secure allowing him to spend a peaceful evening without worrying about how much it will cost him the dinner at the favorite restaurant.

When you are at that age, dating is no longer complicated, while your date is not wandering too profoundly about what you are thinking of or what’s happening inside your heart. It is more convenient for a woman to date an older man, due to his mature approach. A woman dating younger men is quite disappointed because men take longer to become mentally mature. Dating men over 60 years old present no such issues.

So, most women are very pleased with dating men over 60. Despite this, it is the age when people realize what true loneliness is and how hard it is to be alone (mostly due to their lost husbands or the imaginary impossibility of finding the right man.

Since there are no more professional commitments involved, a man gets very bored sitting at home. This means that he has enough free time to start interacting with people of the same age and mental caliber.


As for the negative aspects concerning dating at over 60 years, firstly, one has to be very careful of the manner in which one behaves on the initial date otherwise they might appear cheap or just not a good person for developing a relationship.

The second con is that this certain age comes with some habits that can’t be changed and if something goes wrong during the relationship, the recovery will be harder and will take longer. A simple and helpful advice for those over 60 who are interested in dating again is that they should try and date people closer to their own age.

Men aren’t so physically energetic, thus leading to dissatisfaction in case of dating younger women, regardless of how well they get along. You also need to take some precautions to ensure that due to your financial stability you are not taken for granted and used as a provider.

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