Dating In Your 30s: First Date- Part 1

Dating In Your 30s: First Date- Part 1


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So you met a woman and you got her phone number. What now?

If she gave you her phone number it means that she is actually expecting you to call so do not disappoint her. You may think that you are in your 30’s and dating might be different but in fact, the game and its rules are basically the same.

If it has been a while since you last dated and you do not know exactly what you are supposed to do, here are some tips which might be at hand:

When Do You Call Her?

You do not want to seem too desperate or reach the other extreme and show you do not really care so much to see her. Therefore, never call her the day you got her phone number because she will think you are desperate. At the same time never call her after a week because she will definitely think you are not so interested and as a result she may have already lost interest in you. The perfect time to make the phone call is between one and five days.

What Should You Say?

You should just get to the point and ask her out, after all, that is why you are calling her. Keep it brief by making her an invitation and setting a date and time. Do not panic if she is not very enthusiastic, she might be trying to cover her feelings so that she does not seem overexcited that you called her. Moreover, you should really consider where you want to take her. A nice dinner should work out really well because it is more intimate than having lunch together.

If she cannot honor the invitation twice, let her be the one to contact you the next time. If she is interested in you, she will make time.

First Date. Where Should You Take Her?

You should know that taking her to a fast food place may not be one of the best ideas. I mean, you want to impress her, right? Taking her out to dinner to a classy restaurant or bistro will definitely make a good impression. A martini bar may also work out very well. You can buy her some drinks, chat and then maybe dance. This way you will get to know her better.

Another great idea would be to take her to a local café where you can discuss intimately and get to know her better. It is not so recommended to take her to a local Starbucks because it will not give you the desired privacy.

If you want to find out whether she has a sense of humor or not, you can take her to a stand-up comedy show, if you have the chance, but make sure not to sit in the front row. You do not want to be put in an awkward situation by the comedian on your first date.

Organizing some physical activity might also be a good idea, especially if it will require some physical contact, like teaching her to play golf or pool.

No matter what you plan to do on your first date, try to anticipate what she might like and maybe combine some of these ideas to surprise her.

If you want to know more about how the first date should go and how you should prepare for it, read the second part of this article.

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