Dating nowadays

Dating nowadays


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For all those hopeless romantics, modern times have rendered courtship and traditional dating almost obsolete. Nowadays, people get in touch mostly by texting each other. Even phone calls are not a common way of getting in touch anymore.

Among the advantages of texting is the fact that you have enough time to think about what you should answer or whether you will answer at all. Nobody can see your body language and notice that you might be nervous or excited. However, talking via text messages can be very frustrating at times. Picture this: you have been texting to one another for almost half an hour, one message after another; then, you decide to ask her out, but she does not answer anymore. You start to think that she is not interested in you and you cannot say anything to her because she can easily find an excuse for not answering. What if you would have called her? Then she would have had no choice but to answer your question and you would not have been left there wondering what might have happened.

Of course texting is the easiest way of keeping in touch with someone, but you should know that women appreciate it more when you give them a call. The fact that they can hear the sound and tone of your voice makes the conversation more personal, so never underestimate the power of a phone call.

The Internet has also brought many changes in our lives and the way we date. Online dating is not only for widows and desperate people; it has become a common place for people to meet and develop a relationship. Some of you who never tried online dating might say that you still date traditionally. Well, where do you meet new people most of the time? I will tell you: via social media. Getting in touch with someone via Facebook, Instagram or Twitter is basically also a form of online dating. You check what these women are doing, what their hobbies are, observe their photos and then you decide whether you want to know them better or not, so the next step you take is sending her an instant message. This is how you start to communicate with a girl and then, when you meet for the first time, things will flow more rapidly than during a traditional first date because you already have the impression that you know each other. This is true, you already have an idea about who that person is because you have seen where she has been on holiday, you know her friends from her photos, what she is doing and what are her basic interests.

As great as it may be to have an idea about who the person you are dating is, it takes away all the magic of the first date. Isn’t it more fun when there is something mysterious about the person you are meeting for the first time and you have to find out how she is? The problem with modern dating is that people are satisfied with dating via Skype and other sites which allow you to communicate, and they care less about meeting in real life and enjoy each other’s company. Social media is the perfect solution to get easier in touch with someone, but it should not be the only way we communicate with someone, especially someone we date.

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