Dating tips for men over 30

Dating tips for men over 30


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When it comes to relationships, some men possess a number of difficulties. They can easily manage to get a first date with a woman, but not the second one. Such a situation creates big issues for men looking to find a significant and meaningful relationship. If you are the type who sleeps around, then you just need that first date, but if you are looking for commitment, then you will need a lot more than just a first date. You need to prepare yourself to take her out and to convince her you deserve her for the next few dates, too. It is generally easier for men to catch a woman if they are interested in more than just a fun night with her. These dating tips can help you make your courting experience unforgettable so that will help you win a second date.

The first impression is the critical aspect that plays a vital role at a first date because it determines whether or not the first date will be followed by the second one. It concerns how the man shows his qualities, his character, his physical aspects, etc. Men going out between other men tend to be a little sloppy and don’t offer that much importance to their personal hygiene. But if you go out on a date you want to seem and look great, and women love men who are properly groomed, as we all know how much effort a woman can put in her own appearance. And this effort extends to the way the male appears, so do not think that a woman isn’t paying attention to how you look like in your sportswear.

Full time smokers need to know that non-smoking women hate the odor of cigarettes and the fact that the smell sticks to their hair and outfits. And let’s face it if they don’t like smokers, they won’t like men whose breath smells like cigarettes and you definitely should avoid smoking in excess while you are on a date. But if she also smokes, then you can relax and smoke freely, this being also a way to bond by sharing this habit.

During a date, the best way you can show her what a great guy you are is by keeping her interested, but if you don’t really know how, just listen to her and find your words. When you open a dialogue, give her a chance to talk, if you both are talkative, but if you don’t give her a chance to speak her mind, she will have the impression that you are self-absorbed. You need to pay attention to her, so that if you strike up a conversation you can pinpoint the things that intrigue her the most.

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