Deal with her ex

Deal with her ex


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When you start dating someone new, there is always a possibility that there might be some baggage and you should pay even more attention when she is still friends with her ex. There is nothing more difficult for a man’s ego than dealing with a woman who claims that her ex is her best friend. For one reason or another, many men cannot face the fact that the women they are with has been with another man and women know it.

That is why when she would tell you about the fact that she is best friends with her ex she would probably tell you that their relationship didn’t work out sexually but they are still good friends. She does it because she understands your manly ego.

You will try to play it cool in the beginning but as your relationship progresses, you will stop being so cool about it. You do not want to become jealous but it will bother you when her ex calls and you hear them laughing.

Befriend the enemy

Befriend him. Get to know him and the next time you’ll be all together you will realize that there is really nothing left between the two of them. There should be no sexual energy or sexual chemistry. That is it. He is just another friend of hers.  Just deal with it. We are now talking about the ex with whom she really is just friends with. There are also cases in which she might have feelings for her ex and then you should take him out of the picture.

Talk about this with her, not him

If you find yourself in the situation in which she still have feelings for her ex, you have to admit that you have ignored the warning signs. Talk to her not him. When dating, we tend to become too attached too quickly and we are not paying attention.

Open your eyes and tell her that you don’t think that she is over him. Confront her and listen to her response. Pay attention to her words but also to her body language. If she really isn’t over her ex, your relationship is not going anywhere.

If you have to deal with her ex you must be mature and you have to cultivate the virtues necessary to handle this in a proper manner.

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