Do men still believe in love?

Do men still believe in love?


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Nowadays love seems to be a convenience store on the road of life which can provide satisfactory feelings without too much effort. Now love describes any relationship we are in.

Settling for less

Many long-term relationships nowadays are still lasting because we think that they are good enough, and that is how I came to this question “Do we still believe in love?”. By this I refer to real love, the one for which you would give your soul and the left arm.

Love and lust

Time makes us love someone, but being in love is a whole different feeling. You love your close ones but you can only be in love with someone who can set your heart on fire. Unfortunately, we nowadays mistake attraction for love. Men tend to think that a good time in bed means love, because they are now skeptical about this feeling.

Why did men stop believing?

When you are in and out of relationships and you see that the love you once felt fades away, you start believing that love is just a myth. That is why we end up in relationships which are “good enough”. We stay in relationships even though there is no passion left. Do we fear loneliness so much that we are willing to sacrifice happiness for someone with whom we merely get along with?

The passion test

How many have felt passion? And I mean passion, not lust. This feeling can be summarized with the fact that you tremble when you are next to her and if you fight, say the meanest things and then you end up kissing in a way that makes the world stop. Passion is either there or not. People who are passionate love hard, hate hard, and have a joy for living that others can only sit back and envy.

All you need is love

True love does exist, but it is unlikely to occur. Love cannot be found, it just happens unexpectedly and painfully. Maybe it will show up today, or you’ve missed it yesterday. We all fall in love at least once in our life. Unfortunately, it happens when you are too young to enjoy its grace and beauty.

 Six signs you are in love:

1. You want to be nice: You want to be better; you are less sarcastic and you smile all the time.

2. You feel complete: You start believing that she is the only woman for you and you can see your entire life with her.

3. The radio sings to you: All love songs seem to have been written for you and you finally understand them.

4. It hurts when she’s away:  You blow off everything just to see her.

5. You think about her all the time

6. You lose your head: Everything becomes secondary to her and you start doing stupid things.

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