Do Men Want Babies?

Do Men Want Babies?


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At some point in their lives, men are confronted with a transitional period between bachelorhood and family life. Often, they see themselves caught in between growing up and taking major responsibilities and at the same time longing for fun and adventure.

When they consider becoming parents, men usually dream about raising their sons in their own image or protecting their daughters from the kind of men they used to be. These images make them think about getting married and building a family with the woman they love. Nevertheless, the thought of taking care of a colicky baby combined with the expenses of raising a child usually gives them nightmares. In the end, for most men, it’s hard to trade beer nights with the guys for changing diapers.

The fact is, once you have a baby there is no turning back. Your life is not all about you anymore, but also about investing your time, love, patience and inner strength in the little person who needs all of your attention. You should also have a financial plan in mind because having a baby is not only about spending time with him/her, but also money (a lot of it); so make sure you have the means to invest in a having a baby. Your child deserves it.

Stability is also important when you decide to have a baby (or more). Even if you are married, it might not be a good idea to bring children to this world if you do not a have an emotionally stable relationship as well as financial stability. The best environment for a child to grow up into is a loving family, with parents who love and respect one another, an environment that provides that child with security and confidence and thus better prospects for his future.

Although nowadays marriage is often underrated and many couples do not really consider making their relationship official before starting a family, this kind of public and ultimate commitment is actually important to a child. There might be people who are not mature enough to comprehend the implications of marriage, but if you consider having a baby you should also consider having the responsibility to publicly acknowledge you relationship with its mother.

What about the mother of your future child? What kind of woman is she supposed to be? Of course, love is blind and you may have fun with her and the sex might be great, but how would she cope with raising a child? Would she be capable to understand and support you and the family if your career would take a lot of your time? Does she have strong ideas, morals and the incredible capacity to love and care for another human being? You have to take into consideration a lot of details before having a baby. After all, it’s better to sever the bond with a great, but inadequate woman when you think about fatherhood and cause short-term damage to two adults, than raise a child without proper parental support and damaging an innocent for life.

And last but not least, you also have to consider if you, as a future father, are ready to take the responsibility of providing for your child. The emotional factor is very important, but you should think more on the long-term. Will you be able to pay college tuition fees and financially support your child until he will be able to support himself? Try to answer that question and you will realize that maybe it would be better to spend more years enjoying time with your partner and getting to know her better and only then consider having a baby together.

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