Does online flirting count as cheating?

Does online flirting count as cheating?


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Whether you’re texting, chatting on Facebook, on Skype, on iChat, calling or even sending a postcard, it still is cheating. Romantic interactions, even if they are digital, with a women besides your girlfriend or wife are what they are.

Some men believe that flirting digitally doesn’t count, but it is absolutely considered as cheating, although the definition of flirting states that you are trying to attract someone for amusement and not having serious intentions. When you tell a woman online that you want her or that you think she is attractive, even if you don’t mean it, you are cheating on your partner.

The online environment creates through social media sites such as Facebook great opportunities for forming new connections as well as maintaining old ones. When you talk to someone online it’s practically impossible to notice from the outside how close two people actually are and you think that all these messages you two keep sending each other are actually harmless, but you’re wrong.

Many seemingly friendships have developed into emotional or physical affairs that generally break up good relationships and marriages. If you think that you might be crossing the line when it comes to online flirting, read the following questions and answer them:

1.       Deleting messages?

If you delete messages after reading them it is because you feel guilty and of course you don’t want your girlfriend or wife to find them, then you are crossing the line.

2.       Ignoring responsibilities?

If you choose to pay more attention to your online relationship than to your daily responsibilities, then you are crossing the line.

3.       Trying to convince yourself that the relationship is going fine?

If you start to analyze your relationship with this woman and think about whether what you are doing is right or wrong, then you are crossing the line.

4.       Are you giving this woman details about your relationship with your girlfriend/wife?

If you choose to talk to this woman about your problems instead of discussing them with your partner, it basically means that you want somebody else to take care of your problems and you are crossing the line.

As earlier mentioned, some men think that flirting online doesn’t mean that they are cheating, but they are wrong, any kind of flirtatious digital interaction with a woman being considered as cheating.

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