Does she want me for my money?

Does she want me for my money?


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In case you are a successful man who managed to get what he wanted in life (from a financial point of view) you might receive the attention of many ladies. Whereas some men think this is great, you just want to be with a woman who likes you for who you are and not for what you own.

The only way you can avoid gold diggers is not to show women what you own and how you can impress her by taking her out to expensive restaurants all the time. Instead, you should hide this aspect of your life and date like any other guy who is not as wealthy as you are.

Instead of showing her your beautiful and enormous house and your newest car, you could rent a one-bedroom apartament and drive a less expensive car. Refrain from trying to impress her by buying her expensive dinners and take her out for a walk in the park. A woman who is truly interested in you will go wherever just to be with you and spend some time together. My advice is to show her what you own only after a few months of dating, when you will realize that all along she was only interested in the person you are and not what she can get from being with you.

When you go out, there are two main topics you should avoid talking about:  money and work. Don’t tell her that you are running three big companies; only let her know you are doing business or that you are an entrepreneur. Spending time together without her knowing a lot about your wealth will give you the opportunity to see what kind of woman she is and if you would like to have a serious relationship with her.

Avoiding gold diggers is the easiest thing in the world. All you have to do is to keep your wealth a secret when you meet a woman and do simple things together. Trust me, a gold digger will not hang around with you anymore unless she sees you have what she needs and that she can extort your money by seducing you. On the other hand, a woman who will have geunine feelings for you will not care how much money you have, and, when she will find out that you are wealthy, that is going to be just an added benefit.

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