Donít be a jerk

Donít be a jerk


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This article focuses on how to tease her without being a jerk. You must learn how to use the cocky and funny technique without exaggerating and becoming a real jerk. There are cases in which you might tease a woman and she will tell you that you’re a jerk, but there is a major difference between being called a jerk by a woman and actually being one.

If you are just being cocky and funny, teasing or challenging her while still being considerate and kind and she tells you that you’re a jerk tell her something like “ I’m really glad you like it” to turn it into something cocky and funny.

The secret is to know when to stop so that you don’t become mean and abusive. A woman loves the challenge but they don’t like to be abused by the bad guys.

How to recover after you have went too far?

When you are just learning how to be cocky and funny, you will exaggerate and make some mistakes like saying something that is arrogant, but not funny. In order to fix your mistake you must:

1. Say something funny afterwards so that she will be under the impression that your original comment was funny too.

2. Tell her that you were just teasing and/or give her a sly smile to let her know that you were just joking.

3. Avoid being taken seriously by laughing at your own comment. She will then know that it was a joke.

If you tell her that you were just teasing her or laugh at your own comments too often, you will give her the impression that you are a schmuck. In order to recover after a mistake is to not allow it to throw you off. If you upset her, play it cool and calm and get back on the saddle with more humor.

It is ok to make some mistakes while learning how to be cocky and funny because this is a skill that will increase your success with women forever.

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