Donít be a wuss

Donít be a wuss


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Sometimes a guy can act like a wuss and in time this might lead to a break up. Here you have some signs that you are a wuss. Here you will also learn what to do to avoid acting like one.

1. You leave for a short period of time and you start crying

Stop acting like a wuss bag. She doesn’t need another girlfriend, she has plenty. Thinking that you are nicer is wrong. Women like a strong, self-confident man who can take initiative. She will dump you if you keep acting like that.

2. You’ve met a girl whom you think might be the one for you, but she breaks up with you from various reasons, be it school, distance, family or friends. You want her back and you start crying and telling her that you would do everything for her.

By acting like that, you are only shooting yourself in the foot. You must get on with your life. I know you are feeling down, but you will only look weaker and weaker if you keep acting like a wuss. If you want to get her back or have a chance with any other woman, you have to be self-confident.

A wussy is a guy who gives away his power to women and acts in a submissive way. If there ever were a dark side of dating, this would be it: calling a woman all the time, kissing up to her and every other wuss-ish thing you could possible do.

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