Dress successfully for the first date with a senior

Dress successfully for the first date with a senior


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You spent a lot of time to join and create your profile on that online dating site. You uploaded some beautiful profile pictures. Finally, you exchanged sufficient emails with a woman you’re interested in and now you will go on a date with her. A first date with a senior single lady is not the time to dress casually.

You have to make some preparations for a successful first date. You take a shower, you shave and apply your favorite aftershave and perfume. Look at yourself and appreciate the way you look, so fresh and ready.

How should a senior single man dress for his first date with a senior woman?

Trust me, she will put some effort to look and smell as good as possible so you should do the same.

Perhaps she got her hair done and even visited the nail salon. Her makeup and her hair are done and she looks fabulous. Even if dressed casual, she did it chic casual. You have to realize that she made an effort to look her best and to impress you.

Don’t disappoint her and show the same interest in catching her attention. A woman feels wanted and appreciated when a man makes an effort to look at least half as good as she does.

For the first date, a senior man could wear a classy shirt with a casual jacket. Dressing up and being stylish is always appreciated at the first date, because it’s all about the first impression.

You have to dress for your first date aiming to get the second date. If you have a classy and elegant appearance at the first date, you must inspire calm, self-confidence and good taste. 

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