Everything about Dating Multiple Women

Everything about Dating Multiple Women


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Sometimes men wonder what a woman’s reaction would be if they were seen with another one. As much as it would please you to see her jealous, you have to be careful not to cause a dramatic reaction. Some people can’t handle jealousy and they turn into stalkers. The last thing you want is having a woman checking up on you constantly.

First of all, for some reason women are heavily attracted to men that have lots of admirers: they start wondering what it is so special about you that makes you so desired.

It’s common knowledge that confidence is attractive, so instead of being a wuss and always doing whatever she wants, ask her where and when she wants to go, take the initiative. If you want to prepare something special and surprise her just tell her something like: “Be ready at 8. I’m going to pick you up and take you somewhere”. She will become curious and ask you what it is all about. Don’t divulge anything; tell her to be ready and not to ask questions. She will appreciate how determined you are and she will be even more surprised when she realizes what you have prepared for her.

When you are dating online you should know there are millions of people out there looking for a partner and women get tons of messages on a daily basis. So, what separates you from most men? Your personal description is very important since it’s the first thing a woman gets to know about you. Don’t use clichés and boring details; most men already did that and it brought them nowhere. Furthermore, if you update your profile often, the website will bring it on the top of the list because of your activity. Women will also believe that you are more likely to answer if you are that active.

I already told you a lot not to be a wussy and you might be wondering what does that mean. It is more than easy to detect a wussy: it’s the kind of guy that leaves all his power to women and becomes submissive. You might think that if you are excessively nice you will impress women. This is not the case. Women don’t want to date a puppy that does everything they want. Attitude reflects strength of character and self-confidence and there’s nothing more attractive than a guy who knows what he wants. You have to be respectful at all times, but never forget to show her that you are determined and capable of getting what you want.

Online dating is the perfect place to meet lots of women, but do you have what it takes to get them interested in you? Sure you do, you just have to discover it and exploit it as much as you can.

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