Eye contact power

Eye contact power


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Let’s lay our cards on the table. I want to know something about you and I want you to be completely sincere. Do you have the power of the eye contact?

Do you even know what it means to have a powerful and meaningful eye contact? Have you ever noticed how women tend to react when you look at them like you would look into them?

There are different levels of eye contact and these levels differ by intensity and meaning.

Most men don’t know how to look into a woman’s eyes

Men usually have a problem coordinating in the same time their body language and verbal language. When about to approach a woman for the first time they think only about what they’re going to say, but forget that sometimes the right glance weights more than any smart line.

When a man is insecure and starts hesitating, a woman can see this in the movement of his eyes, in the nervous sparkles of his eyes. So a confident man with a fixed target will look clearly and profoundly into a woman’s eyes, like he would dive into her. 

Remember that women have extreme senses and their major power is the feeling. She will sense your boldness, your power of comforting her, dominating her, seducing her and all this is the merit of a proper eye contact.

Let’s say:

You want to buy a new house and the real estate agent is incapable of looking into your eyes when talking about what a great deal you’d make. Would you believe him when his eyes would practically try escaping the situation, running wild on the walls and floors? You would feel insecure, like he’s lying, like he is not even agreeing with what he says. No eye contact means no real communication, therefore no trust, no confidence.

Try telling a woman with your eyes that you are going to call her and give her a perfect date. The eye contact empowers your words.

How to master the power of eye contact:

With practice. Look at yourself in the mirror, straight into your eyes and read what shows up into them, try and control what they’re saying, get conscious of your eye’s expressivity. For better results look into each person’s eyes you interact with. Also, try adapting your eye contact according to your relationship with that certain person.

You have to realize that the problem with the eye contact existent in most men is a lack of determination, of confidence and precise desire. Recognize your issues which keep you banned from accessing the power of eye contact. 

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