Failed date

Failed date


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She told you that you might have a chance with her and that she likes you, so you decided to ask her out for dinner. You thought this will be the night you will make her fall for you, but nothing goes as planned.

You take her to her favorite restaurant and have a nice dinner when she starts talking about her ex-boyfriend for an hour. You just stay there and listen until she finishes and then you drive her home. As you lean for a kiss, she tries to avoid you telling you she doesn’t feel well and you should maybe leave.

What happened? You really had something going on and now she is all of a sudden not interested in you. Well, when she tells you that you might have a chance, you should ask yourself some questions.  Secondly, when she starts talking about her ex-boyfriend monopolizing the conversation, don’t just stand there and wait for it to end. You are not her therapist so why should you listen to her complaints and frustrations. You can kindly tell her that you want to enjoy dinner and maybe you should discuss another topic. But then again, who would talk about their ex on their first date?

If by the time you got her back home she gives you the cold shoulder treatment, then it’s more than obvious she was not ready to date you from the beginning. In fact, she was not ready for anything. You are not her nanny or her best friend to be a shoulder to cry on, especially if it’s about her ex. You deserve better than that.

Before going out on a first date with a woman you should first get to know her at least a bit. Otherwise you will waste your time with a woman who is expecting you to fix her and her problems. You need a woman who wants the person you are and does not see a potential best friend in you who is supposed to fix the mess another man made.

Next time you decide going out with a girl, make sure she is genuinely interested in you and you won’t regret it.

Good luck!

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