Fear of commitment in men

Fear of commitment in men


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When you decide to step into a long-term relationship or even a marriage, you rarely know what’s going to happen. One thing is sure, your woman will expect for any sign of second thoughts regarding your relationship with her. This means that she won’t be surprised when you cheat on her or when you realize that you’re not meant for a committed relationship.

Scared much?

This article is meant for those men who found a special person for themselves with whom they would like to build a meaningful relationship. This need for commitment usually appears after at least 6 months of dating.

Even if a “Casanova” will not be impressed by the idea, he might learn a thing or two about what it means to be with the right woman.

The best thing you could ask yourself is if you still see yourself hand in hand with her in ten years. At times, a simple thought like this one might lighten up your view on your current relationship and your need for commitment.

Figure out if you really want this

Some men have the fear that their current partner will drive them nuts once in a committed relationship. If you are dating a woman with whom you want to get serious, you should find her plans for a future together as being normal and beautiful. If your romantic half thinks about the two of you in the future, you should appreciate this. Of course, if you don’t really want to be in a committed long-term relationship, your current partner will make you go crazy with all her plans and seriousness.

Love me, Hurt me

You’re getting paranoiac. If your ex-girlfriend cheated on you it doesn’t mean that each woman you love will betray you. Think about the reasons she had to cheat on you? Have you had any fault? If you did, try and fix it in order to avoid this kind of events in the future. It’s not a good idea to hinder your current relationship. Remember that each woman is different therefore each relationship is different.

The other women

There’s a funny thing happening when we get into a committed relationship. If until we meet this special woman we feel like we could get more attention from women, right after we step in this long-term relationship, we are getting loads of attention from other women. The explanation for this phenomenon is that when we are committed we spread a nonchalant attitude which is extremely appealing to most women.

Still, if you receive plenty of feminine attention, you shouldn’t let your ego go nuts. Most likely, all those women look at you the way they do only because you have such a gorgeous woman beside you.

If you can’t figure out if it’s the right time for you to get committed, we give you some signs that this is not the right time to step into a serious relationship.

You are getting distant

If you spend less and less time with your girlfriend and feel no need to stay more with her, it might be a sign that you are slowly getting out of the relationship due to fear of commitment.

Always with your friends

If one single night out with your boys turns into regular Friday, Saturday and Sunday night with the boys, you should reconsider your attitude towards your romantic relationship. Spending so much time apart from your girlfriend is not normal if you love her and are ready to get serious.

You flirt around

When you decide to walk up to an unknown attractive woman and get all your flirting skills down to her, it’s obvious that your girlfriend is far away from your mind and soul. Do you think that flirting with other women is a healthy thing to do when in a relationship? Show your woman a little respect and talk about your needs and problems before jumping in another woman’s arms.

No more than coffee

If all you do with your girlfriend is that you take her to repetitive cafes, restaurants and movies, it means that you don’t want her for anything more. Continuously dating a woman for 6 months without growing the relationship, it’s a clear sign of fear of commitment.

If you recognize yourself in these situations, try and reconsider your attitude towards your girlfriend. Perhaps she can give you solid arguments on why to face your fear of commitment or by contrary she might prove you why you should remain distant in a relationship. 

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