First date preparation

First date preparation


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The first date preparation is a very stressful thing. Of course there are other stressful things, such as approaching an attractive woman and even the second, third and 25th dates can provide their share of stress, but there’s nothing like the first date.

The first date is filled with a combination of expectation and uncertainty. If you want to have great first dates, or even survive them, you must make a few first date preparations.

The tangibles

The most difficult first date preparation elements will be in the second part of this article but for now, you must focus on the easier ones - maintaining your physical state.

If you want to have a chance on a first date, you must feel physically vibrant, well rested, energized and ready to tackle the challenge of the date. A day before the date, you must rest, avoid foods that will bog you down, don’t drink to many stimulants or alcohol.

This also applies to the date itself. Even if you are physically disciplined all day and then you drink and eat too much, you will lose your vibrancy.

You must also make sure that you are properly dressed and groomed. You won’t be able to stay focused on the date if you worry about how you look. Even if it might sound shallow, you can’t feel your best if you do not look your best. Show up looking as fresh as possible after a long shower, a clean shave and haircut, in clean clothes.

The intangibles

Before characterizing the elements above as shallow, you must think about the relationship between the tangible and the intangible reality. You feel better when you look your best not your worst, you think clearer when your body is in good shape, not after you have stayed the entire day on a couch. It is not a shallow thing to take care of your tangibles, if they contribute directly to your mental and emotional state of mind.

If you only make sure your tangibles are all right, you will do ok on your first date, but if you work on them to directly address your intangibles, you will be unstoppable. During the preparation for your first date, do some enjoyable activities which require a lot of focus. If you have a professional assignment or a personal project, work on it instead of killing time reading newspapers. If you haven’t seen your best friend in a while, you should schedule a meeting before the date.

All these activities will give you an incredible amount of energy which will help you get through your date with success and attractiveness.

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