Five great dating ideas

Five great dating ideas


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Even if you are in a long-term relationship or you have just met someone new, if you want to take her out on a great date, you have to be creative. Women tend to expect their men to come up with great new ideas, thing that may puzzle you if you are not a romantic person, or you are going through a rough time, financially speaking.

Well, I know that you would love it if she would also take initiative from time to time, but let’s face it, life is not fair and women like to be pampered. So, let’s say that you have planned a date on a Friday, but you do not know what to do. These are the greatest 5 ideas you could come up with:

1. Dinner and a movie

Yes, this is the biggest dating cliché, but women love it. To make it different and better, take her somewhere where she will experience something new- Indian food, or where they have huge sandwiches or weird customs like the fact that you will have to take your shoes off when entering the place.

In what concerns the movie, choose a chick-flick, she’ll love you and if she cries during the movie, you will be the shoulder on which she will lean on.

2. Go stargazing

Find out where is the best place to go star gazing, even if it’s out of town, it will worth it. Bring with you something to eat, drink and a blanket and just stay there for a couple of hours. You will enjoy watching the universe’s vastness, but you will also be able to carry on an intimate conversation and show her how romantic you are.

3. Arcade games

Playing games at an arcade can be really fun for both of you, and it is a great compromise. You will definitely laugh and enjoy yourselves. Try to win her some silly prizes and you will definitely catch her attention.

4.  Take her to the museum

Women appreciate a cultivated man who is keen on culture. If you take her to a museum, you will initiate thought-provoking conversation and you will be able to find out how her mind works. If you also want to be romantic, it is enough to hold her hand while you’re walking through the museum’s hallways.

5. Theaters

Every town has a small theatre, even if the plays are put on by amateur actors, and even if you might not like it, she will be impressed by your date idea and you will have the possibility to expand your horizons.

Even if you might not like the play, it will be cheap for you, you will probably have a kissing session during the date.

You have to do whatever you can to maintain her interest in you and a certain excitement in your lives, and if she sees that you are trying, she might even start planning dates too.

Remember that dating should always be fun and should allow you to get to know each other, regardless of how long you’ve been together. 

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