Five reasons why she is not too good for you

Five reasons why she is not too good for you


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Most people believe nowadays that their partner is too god for them, especially since their friends tell them that their partners are ”out of their league”. You shouldn’t mind them. You should realize that your partner is actually just like you.

1. Nobody’s perfect.

Keep in mind that even if she is the woman of your dreams, your goddess, she is a human too. It is pretty obvious, but not for you, because you are blinded by her beauty.

She does get sick, has problems, dramas, debts, joint problems and flaws, just like you. We are all made from the same material and if you fail to see that, you will never accept the fact that she isn’t too good for you.

2. All that matters to a woman is self-confidence and value.

If you are self- confident and you show to a beautiful woman that you know how to value her, she will be yours. Well, I know that it is not as easy as it sounds but I do know what women want, and they are usually looking for someone to be there for them, take care of them, provide for them and be in control of the situations. Women want a man who would be confident enough to conquer the world if necessary.

You should try and be that guy if you want to stand a chance.

3. She is as attracted to you as you are to her

I told you about self-confidence. If you are so, you must believe that she wants you too. It is not about money or good looks but it is about how you live your life. She wants a man who is exciting, who takes risks, who is passionate, sees beauty in everyday things and most importantly, one who can see more than her looks. If you fit in most of these requirements, then she really is attracted to you.

4. It is not hard to be attractive

Being attractive is easy if you take care of you. In this way, you won’t feel like you are out of her league. You must get a clean nice haircut, shave, and wear clothes that look good on you. Eventually, whiten your teeth, exchange your glasses with contacts, watch out for the body language and have a calm voice tone when approaching her.

Even if it seems hard, take it one step at a time and you will see results in less than a month, and also, make sure that you are fit. Even if you are overweight or skinny, hit the gym!

5. There are no leagues

You mustn’t keep grading girls, because they are not objects. All you have to know is whether you like her or not and that is all you need to know when talking to a girl next time.

The numbers will have no effect on her and it will just make you feel inferior. Keep in mind that there are no leagues, and the next time you see a girl you like, just say hello, you have nothing to lose. 

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