Five reasons why she might reject you

Five reasons why she might reject you


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We are different. We have different personalities and we come from different environments. It is normal for us to think, react, or dress differently.

But, there are certain patterns and we can recognize ourselves in them.

They say birds of a feather flock together, whether it is about beauty, two sensitive people or two people who share the same passions, some fly in high circles, we like them, we admire them or even worship them but we can hardly find the road towards them.

But what can we do when we like someone that we can reach?

What do we want from life?

We want a career, money, cars, health and especially, love.

With a lot of determination we can have a good job, care, holidays, but not necessary love.

There are many mistakes of perception and attitude from men. Obviously that those who understood that women have their personality, way of thinking, that they are independent and decisive and that they cannot approach them  in the  way their dads might have taught them, have success in women.

They aren’t complaining about the fact that women are gold diggers.

What money? Many men cannot lead a decent life and many women earn more than a man.

I am not talking about V.I.P’s, in which case strong men look for some more exotic, very beautiful women for a longer or shorter period of time.

Everyone knows that these kinds of women require a lot of money.

I am talking about us, the regular people.

Why are there so many single people? Why can’t they maintain a relationship? After the age of 30, things get complicated. We are getting more and more selective; many ask why he/she isn’t married by 35 years old? Why didn’t she get married, she is a spinster.

Some choose to be single.

Other just can’t understand or cannot understand each other. They make severe mistakes. At a first date, there aren’t too many chances are they? There is the first contact, first opinion. Maybe you like that woman, well, you actually do, because you have worked hard to date her.

I repeat, words are extremely important, and if you open your mouth without giving the required importance to the words that come out of it, if in your mind there is only one woman to whom you want to get no matter what, her attitude, and your chances to get rejected are increasing surprisingly fast.

A woman knows. Do not underestimate women’s intelligence or intuition.  If it is not you, there will be someone else who will see her for who she truly is.

Which is the probability to find another woman who attracts you so?

There is a joke:” Women are like parking places. The good ones are taken and the others are for the handicapped.”

There are still good women, but your lack of attention will lead you back to the dating table with another woman.

That means that you are single again.

I will start with a practical element that might get you rejected.

1. Bad breath

 If you are a guy who can talk, bad breath will surely make women keep their distance. Bad breath is one of the most important reasons for which a woman will reject you. It does not matter what car you’re driving, how rich you are or how lovely you can talk, women will avoid you, short and simple.

2. Being aggressive

Women don’t like it when a man whom they have just met insists in touching them. It is not necessary to touch a woman if you have just met. Most women prefer a calm, mannered, careful and gentle man.

When you are too pushy and you get aggressive with women, you will scare them and they will reject you.

3. Using a wrong approach

 Most men approach a woman in an ancient, wrong method.  Most women are actually bored of the same old rusty, scratched disc, same old stupid lines. Also, if you are an arrogant man who is only talking about himself, you will definitely make women run away as fast as they can. Women like men who are confident, not arrogant roosters who are determined to tame the beast.

4. By being shy, helpless, secluded.

Women are not drawn to men who need support, validation and who need to be constantly sustained by their girlfriends, who are also looking for protection. If you don’t lead a healthy social life, if you don’t have different hobbies, interests, and you are looking for a woman to be your mother, then you will definitely be rejected by women.

5. Using the body language wrongly

Your body language has a huge attraction level, and if you start talking to a woman from a humble position, you don’t look her straight into her eyes; you will definitely not get a favorable response from her.

Both in men and women, at a first contact, the way you look is what matters.

First visualization is really fast for women; she can look at you from top to bottom without even realizing, maintaining eye contact. If you are dressed carelessly, you have your pants raised until they reach your armpit (yes, there are such cases), your shirt tucked deeply into your pants, that woman will definitely not want to see you again.

I have met ordinary women, chubby women, not extremely beautiful, but with a common sense, cleanliness and carefulness, and we have watched some photographs together with men of their own age. Even if they weren’t high class and weren’t looking for a relationship, they said no to this type of men who are sloppy, who don’t pay attention to the way they look like and who wear old-fashioned clothes.

So don’t underestimate women, stop thinking with your brain. A man wants a woman for his intimate comfort.

Obviously that a 25-year-old man will want to have a woman who looks and feels good, beside him. One in his 30’s will want one who can be a wife, lover, girlfriend and a mother. One in his 40’s is looking for sexual stability and confirmation, whereas, a man in his 50’s wishes to reconfirm his sexuality and potency. His virility may be sustained by pills and money, but it doesn’t help if he wears old-fashioned jeans or too modern clothes which will make him look ridiculous. He isn’t attractive for the 20-year old women and the one in her 40’s might tell him how ridiculous he is.

A woman isn’t looking for any kind of man. And then, she says NO.

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