Five signs she is ready for a date

Five signs she is ready for a date


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You have written an online dating profile and you somehow managed to stand out and found dozens of women who replied to you. After narrowing the list down to a few promising prospects, you must get a date. Before asking her out you must know if she is ready to see you. If it is too soon, you will push her away.

Reading the signs:

Women give off clues. All you have to do is to spot them. These are the most common five signs that will indicate you that she is ready to go out on a date:

1. She asks you about your plans

If a woman with whom you have been talking asks you about your plans for the weekend, she might be sending you a hint that she wants to meet up. Do not miss the opportunity.  You can try being subtle and ask her back and if she says no, ask her out.

2. She asks if there is a hot place near you

If you are talking with a woman and she asks you about hot places to go out near you, it means that she wants to go on a date with you. Take the approach and remember that you are more likely to get a date when you don’t seem to want one.

3. She talks about a movie she would like to see

If she talks with you about a movie she would like to see, she probably wants to see it with you. Again, this is a great opportunity so take it, but be subtle about it. As long as you are not pushy, it will be really easy for you to get the date.

4. She asks how far you live from her

When a woman contemplates dating a man, the first thing she asks is how far he lives from her. This is also a subtle remark. If you want to meet her too, offer to make the trip, but don’t rush it. Tell her that you're not that familiar with her area, and ask if there are any good restaurants near her.

5. She initiates repeat e-mail

If you want to be sure that she wants a date, test the perimeter. You can find out if you do not e-mail or call her for a day. If she sends you a message the next day, it means that she is definitely ready for a date.

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