Five signs that you may be addicted to online dating

Five signs that you may be addicted to online dating


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Although online dating can be great, for a man it’s like being a kid in a candy store where he can eat everything he wants, and that can be really unhealthy for him. You must know when online dating turns from an active way of meeting women, to an unhealthy obsession, and these are the 5 more common signs:

1. You can’t help checking your inbox

It is not a problem when you are excited about the emails that you are receiving, but when you keep checking your email all the time, no matter where or with whom you are, it is a clear sign of obsession, and you must disconnect for a while.

2. Most of your time you are online searching and emailing.

You come home from work and you think that you should sit down, send an email or two, or even do a quick search but, by the time you check your clock next time, more than 2 hours have already passed and you are left behind with all the things that you should have done, and that is a problem.

You should spend only an hour daily with online dating and then follow your regular schedule. Spending too much time online doesn’t make it interesting for nobody, neither for you nor for the people whom you want to meet.

3. You start to forget with whom you wanted to go out.

You like one girl today and another tomorrow, and by the end of the week you already like 5 girls and by the time you start dating them, you cannot remember which is which, where you are taking who, and what she likes.

If you have many but superficial connections, you cannot be productive, and it is also not financially beneficial.

If you are dating more women than you can handle, it doesn’t mean you are successful, it means that you are addicted to dates.

4. You start hiding the fact that you are going out on dates.

If you feel the need to start hiding the fact that you are dating because you are going out with too many women, you should stop. Online dating is nothing to be ashamed of if you are using it the right way.

5. You start ignoring real life opportunities

Although online dating is good for all single persons, you should not ignore real life opportunities for it.

If you stop hanging out with your friends, go to parties or have a night out because you want to meet girls online, then you should rethink your position.

Although online dating should be a part of your world, it shouldn’t be your entire world.

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