Fixing a first date mistake

Fixing a first date mistake


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There are various methods to fix things, but for a guy who has a history of ruining first dates, these methods have no guarantees that you will be able to make up for your mistakes. These are some of the most common mistakes men make on first dates and how you can bounce back after doing them.

1. You got drunk and started talking about an ex.

This is difficult to fix. At first, you must call her the next day and apologize for not being able to handle your liquors. You must be honest and explain to her that you are still trying to get over your ex. Despite the fact that this will not guarantee you a second date, she will be impressed with your honesty and sensitivity that you might become friends, and eventual partners.

2. Your friends showed up and made a scene

Even if you say that it was your friends’ fault and not yours, it will not help you very much. Like it or not, your friends are a reflection of you. What you can do is to tell your friends that what they’re doing is not ok and take her somewhere else and try to make up to her. If you show her a really good time, she might get over the bad part of the date.

3. You forgot your wallet and she has to pay for dinner

This is the easiest to fix. You can tell her that because you were nervous you forgot your wallet on the counter. Enjoy the rest of the date and the next day send her flowers and an enclosed check. She should give you another shot.

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