For guys: Online dating The Email

For guys: Online dating The Email


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You must be like every other single guy who has probably surfed a few online dating sites. You know the drill, you create an account, you upload a photo, fill out a description after which you will probably send a message to a woman telling her that you would like to take her out sometime.

The next day you check your inbox only to find out that she didn’t respond. You then check to make sure that you actually sent the message and you notice that it’s been read and deleted.

You try to think why this didn’t work, but, you were perfect for each other, well, even if this were true, try to understand what I am about to tell you.

There must be about 3 guys to every girl, imagine how an attractive woman receives tens of messages a day from a bunch of sweaty and insistent men competing for her. There are guys who have no ideea how to behave on an online dating site and seriously, if you had a chance to see a woman's email inbox you will find hundreds of odd emails received in a few days, you would come to the same conclusion. And imagine that out of hundreds of men, only a few are good.

Now I’m going to give you a few email tips that you can use:

Try something other than “Hi” for a subject; can you imagine a whole inbox page filled only with Hi?

Understand that the first impression is the one that counts so try avoiding emails like “How R U?” and of course “Hi”, which I actually don’t get (subject and actual message?), you are deemed to be deleted. Say something about who you are and why you want to talk to her, it can’t be that hard for you to say. Women don’t bite, even some of the hottest girls on dating sites are just normal, they like having a good time, spending time with their families, and besides, the top girls are payed to be eye candy. But you would be surprised to know the kinds of guys they actually go for.

A mistake you make is calling a beautiful woman beautiful, even in real life. She knows how attractive she is but you need to comprehend that there is much more to her than the way that she looks like. Picture yourself as being a hot chick, how many times during a day would you see guys come up to you and stating the obvious? Think about that, now, think of something else you can say, preferably completely avoiding her looks.

Also try avoiding giving her your phone number or your MSN id. As long as you wait for her to respond you won’t seem eager or desperate.

Use these tips and you will surely rise above all the simple minded guys that can only say “hi” or “beautiful”.

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