Frequent online dating mistakes

Frequent online dating mistakes


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When online dating, these are some of the most common mistakes men make:

1. Forever alone

When you are posting pictures with you on your online dating profile you must not post only photos with you alone. You must also include photos where you are having fun with others. If you are always alone, women will think that you have no friends. Moreover, try to omit photos of you all over other women. That will not look good.

2. Bad photos

Women can know who you are on an online dating site only after your photos, so make sure you look good in your profile picture. You must wear clothes that show who you are and have a nice-looking hair. The best photo is one shot with a shallow focus.

Tip: Do not look straight into the camera. It has been showed that women are most likely to choose men who aren’t looking at the camera.

3. Don’t treat your online profile as an interview

When writing your online dating profile you shouldn’t regard it as a list of likes/dislikes, facts about you or what you are looking for in the opposite sex. Show off your personality! Be descriptive and give them something to comment upon.

Tip: Make sure your grammar is correct.

4. Awful messages

It all depends on the first message. Do not send a sms-style message or a long boring one. You must evoke an emotional reaction with your message and make it fun! Try to stand out!

Tip: Humor is great to relieve the tension of the first text. Be creative!

5. Communicate outside the site

You mustn’t wait for the communication to stagnate by emailing back and forth on the dating site. You should try to get her phone number and get to know her. Do not rush into a date until she feels comfortable enough to do it. Use chat programs such as Skype for a more personal method of communication.

Tip:  Do not be too formal when setting the date. 

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