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Have you ever heard about the “friend zone”, the place of terror where beautiful women usually send the nicest guys? Well maybe it’s about time for you to learn more about this unfortunate place where many good guys usually get stuck, and most importantly, how to avoid it.

When you start hearing things like “I want to go out as friends” or “I am kind of seeing somebody else at the moment” when you contact women on the phone, then you must have done something wrong from the first time you’ve met, to trigger this type of attitude.

You should never get disappointed if she is reluctant to see you at first. Many women do not feel comfortable dating guys they have barely met, so the only thing you can do is keep in touch, maybe via e-mails or messages and postpone the face-to-face meeting. The more you interact with women, the better you will get at making them feel more comfortable and give you their contact information.

The thing is that if you met her the first time and she agreed to give you her phone number, it means that she was giving you a chance, but then something happened. You might have said something or acted in a certain way which determined her not to pay you any more attention thinking that you would not fit together as lovers.

You may be a really nice guy, but if you start acting like you would do whatever she wants, whenever she wants, only to please her, she will get bored even before starting to date you. I get it, you want to be a gentleman, but that does not mean you should have no attitude or initiative. You are a man and you should behave accordingly. Make her want you and look forward to seeing you. Keep a bit of mystery and do not contact her too often if you don’t want to look like you are desperate for her attention.

Always remember, if she wanted you to be friends from the beginning, she would not have given you her number, so try to fix what it is that you’ve messed up and try again. Give her some time to get to know you better and then ask her out again. Chances are she only wanted to talk some more with you before meeting you in person, so take your time and impress her so much that she will be the one looking for you.

Remember, if you want to avoid the friend-zone, don’t act like a friend or brother!

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