From online contact to offline date

From online contact to offline date


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SuperDatesNow organized a study which revealed that almost 40% of adults who meet online will never get to date in person. Also, it reveals that for online daters it’s a real challenge to bring their online dates into the real world.

There are numerous reasons why some couples prefer to remain in a strictly online relationship.

Still, if you aim for getting your online date into the real world and have a hard time doing so, here you have some easy steps which might help you get your online contact into an offline date.

1. Set some limits

At first, on your online dating profile you will send and receive many emails and messages. Emails are a great way to introduce yourself and establish a contact with someone you’re interested in.

Still, if you want to get to know that woman in person, you should limit your time spent talking online.  Set a reasonable time limit, of let’s say, one week of online chatting. After this period of online communication, try to get her phone number. This will bring you one step closer to meeting her in person.

2. Use phone calls to know her better

Once you start talking on the phone, establish another time limit for this kind of interaction.

Phone calls are excellent for getting to know someone better. You understand their humor easily and it also helps you get a better idea on what kind of a personality someone has.

Use all the information you have about that woman and think about planning a date if you still think that the two of you are compatible.

Also, a call will show you in an easy and specific way if there are any red flags or warning signs about a person’s honesty.

3. Plan a date

If everything went well so far, it’s ideal to ask her out. If she answered to your calls constantly and also called you back, it means that she is sufficiently interested in you to accept a meeting.

Still, until asking her out you have to spend some more time getting to know her and making sure that she is good enough for you. You can set a time limit on this decision, too. Let’s say you talked on the online dating site for a week then you chatted on the phone for another week, so it’s natural to ask her out at the end of another 7 days if everything went smoothly until that point.

Usually, you have to pay for the date, but if she insists on paying her share, let her do that. Some women prefer to be more independent.

Yes, you will have to invest some time, energy and money to get your offline contact on a date in person, but if everything goes well and you are really interested in her, it’s a fair price to pay.

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