From online to real life dating

From online to real life dating


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Online dating websites are the perfect place to find women and practice your social and conversational skills. Once you improved your style, you will get to know lots of girls who will be interested in you, so you will be the one picking the right one for you.

So you have been talking for a while with this amazing woman via e-mail, but you want to see her in person and get more physical, so to say. Therefore, you ask her out, but she is afraid this way the connection you already have might be ruined because you will no longer send her the great e-mails as you did before.

Be confident and tell her that from now on it can only get better, so why is she so afraid? Get her number and call her first. If in the beginning you only knew each other by your writing style, now she will hear your voice for the first time. When talking on the phone, make sure you slow down your voice to sound more profound. The way you talk is also very important when trying to get a girl. Don’t call her too often because she will lose interest in you. The less you do it, the more she will look forward to hearing from you again and from that point it’s going to be even easier to ask her out.

Once you established contact on the phone as well, you can stop calling her for a few days. She will call to check on you and see if you are still interested. This is the perfect time to ask her out and meet in person. After so many e-mails and a few phone calls, she should be ready for the real deal. Keep it brief on the phone so as to keep the mystery about who you are and make her eager to find out more about you.

As I have told you many times, always be confident and show her that you are the one in control and she will definitely want to impress you. You can change your profile description on the online dating website in a more original one and stop being a wuss trying to impress every woman by fulfilling everything they want. Women are already used to finding guys who would do whatever they want just to meet them, so be out of the ordinary and make her think you’re a challenge.

There is nothing a woman responds better to than a challenge. They want to prove to you that they can have you, so they will not ignore you, trust me. All you have to do is show them you’re in charge and you make the rules and you will notice the results in no time.

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