Get better at online dating

Get better at online dating


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There’s no official reward for the best written dating profile, still, there are many great online dating profiles which are capable of attracting many dates with beautiful women. However, each online dater’s goal is to get a date without having to put too much work into their dating profile.

Anyway, if you want to have many dates online and especially offline, you need to be good at online dating and at creating an attractive profile.

Here are some tips and ideas which if you follow, will bring you more dates.

1. Who are your profile viewers? Who contacts you?

What does your visitors list tell you? Is your profile visited by people you aim for? There are some visitors with whom you don’t want to interact, sure, but are there any decent, attractive ones?

If yes, move to point 3, but if your profile has just a few visitors and all of them are out of your preferences, read point 2.

2. Change your profile photo

On online dating sites, the visual aspect is extremely important for attracting new matches every day. The profile photo is the first thing users see. If it’s not a good profile picture they won’t even read your profile, so you have to make sure to make this change.

If your picture is taken from afar, consider posting a close-up of your face. Think about how your profile picture will look lined up near all the other thumbnails of other users, you have to stand out from the crowd with something.

3. Write less, tell more

In your online dating profile you should write short phrases which reveal interesting facts about yourself. Avoid saying facts and talking about how you never thought you would sign up on an online dating site because that is boring for most users.

If you want to attract certain people try and write in a way that gives them a subject to talk about with you.

4. Do you get responses to your messages/emails/winks?

If you keep on sending messages or mails to women and get no reply whatsoever, you should consider changing your writing style, your subjects or the people you want to reach.

If you get answers, but don’t talk to these women too much with, you can instead try to invite them on a date and get to know them better in real life, not on online dating sites.

5. Someone will reject you

Being ignored from time to time is not an indicator that you are bad at online dating. Sometimes it just means that that wasn’t the right person for you to communicate with.

Even when you will go out on dates with a woman, it’s not going to be an amazing experience all the time.

The best advice that you can receive is to be perseverant and keep improving your profile and dating skills, at one point you will meet that person who will rock your world. 

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