Get good at online dating by going offline

Get good at online dating by going offline


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Your online dating skills are improved by your offline life

If you want to succeed in your love life through online dating, you have to have an interesting offline life, first.

Let’s say that you are an extremely busy business man and decided to find a partner on an online dating site. Still, after some weeks of actively logging in on your dating profile, you notice that you have no dates and quite rare visitors. What happens? You are a successful career man, educated and good looking. What is the problem?

Well, if all that you do involves working, surfing the internet, online dating and then sleeping, it’s no surprise. People are attracted by active people. A woman will not be impressed by your career success if you don’t know how to balance it with and interesting personal life. She will think about what kind of entertainment you can offer her. Talking only about your job and career related topics will eventually bore her to death.

There are plenty of things that can be done to get a more interesting life. If you are focused on your career and try to get online dates too, you will be more successful if you have some interesting leisure activities and interests.

Also, if a man can handle his job and his hobbies in the same time, women are more likely to be interested because they see you living a full and interesting life.

When you decide to pay attention to your personal life too and forget a little about your work, you will get more open doors and meet more people which can help improve your life’s quality. Being stressed and depressed is not going to attract a nice lady.

Also, if you have a full and interesting life outside the office, it becomes easier to talk about yourself on an online dating site since you have so many things to talk about.

Let’s see some tips on how to get a more fun, active and interesting life besides your career.


If you want to meet some new people from your current location, give this website a chance. This site is all about meetups of member established groups revolved around anything and everything.

You can join for free and benefit from the endless opportunities of meeting people who share your interests.

2. Volunteer work

Think about a cause which is important for you and find out how you can help in that sense by investing money and time. There you will find people driven by the same principles as you and you will be very welcomed.

3. Take some classes

Think about a thing that you would like to learn about. It can be a practical activity or just an intellectual one. Depending on what you look for, there are many colleges and organizations which hold classes and workshops.

4. Create your own group

If you are new in the city, contact all your neighbors and have a block party barbecue or a house party! You might develop strong friendship connections and learn a thing or two about this new city.

5. Find a church

If you are the religious type, appeal to one of the local churches and go there. You will meet spiritually driven people and get to spend some relaxing time.

6. Join a sport

Perhaps tennis is your thing, or golf. Depending on what you’re good at or what sport you wish to practice, there are clubs and organizations profiled on any activity you may desire.

7. Professional associations

Ok, so you don’t want to let go of your career and professional interest. You can combine pleasure with business by joining a professional association. Through this you create helpful contacts and possible friendships.

If you are shy and more introverted man it might be extremely hard to motivate yourself to get out of  your house and office and interact in such situations. Still, if you really want healthy love life and a personal enhancement, you should try to gain strength. Once you get more active and interesting, you will have more stories to tell and online dating will become as easy as riding a bike. 

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