Getting Back With Your Ex

Getting Back With Your Ex


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The following article is written for those who want to get their ex-girlfriend back not because they feel like they have failed in keeping the relationship together or for the sake of intercourse, but for those who have feelings for their ex.

What went wrong?

In order to win her back, you must take a stock of where you both made mistakes and find out why. If you cannot find the problem, you won’t find the solution either. You must not throw the blame on each other because the causes of a break up are usually more deep-rooted than that. You must find out where both of your relationship’s needs are being met and if either of you tried to fulfill the intrinsic values of a close relationship.


The process of getting back together will be gradual, but once you know what went wrong, you can do something about it. You must be patient and understanding. Women can’t help listening to the ramblings of a desperate man, but if you were the one who ended your relationship, she might not understand your newfound enthusiasm to reunite. If she was the one who instigated the break-up, you should give her some time before trying to get her back. You must not make an empty promise to change, but an explicit plan to fix your problems.

Talk it out

When you feel like you are on the brink of getting back together you must have a conversation about how you can both improve in order to avoid the same outcome.  No matter what you decide to change, you must work together to improve your relationship.

Appreciate what you have

Once you got your girlfriend back, don’t take her for granted. Think about the fact that you’ve worked hard to get to this point so, whenever you doubt your decision to get back together, keep reminding yourself why it was all worth it. As long as you still care for her you must put your relationship at the top of your priority list.

What else?

Make the relationship revision process continuous and sustained. Make sure you want her back for all the right reasons. When you decide and succeed in getting her back, you must cultivate the relationship like a prize.

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