Getting her into bed

Getting her into bed


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Some men want to go from meeting a woman at a bar or party to going straight to bedroom without all those e-mails and phone calls. What you should first keep in mind when trying to do so, is that you shouldn’t focus on the “bedroom” but on taking things to next step until you get where you want to. After you’ve met a woman, you must treat her like you are going on a date together.

If you meet someone you are really into, there is major attraction and chemistry between you two and you start kissing, you will get some resistance if you start telling her that you want to take her home and get her into your bed. Instead, after you spark the attraction and start kissing each other, you should take her hand, tell her to come with you, lead her to another part of the club or bar, dance with her and start kissing her again. Stop at a certain moment and tell her you are going to another club and that she should come with you. On your way there, start talking and then tell her that you should continue the conversation as it gets more and more interesting…and you can handle it from there with a lot more ease.

Women do not like to be forced into doing something. Women like things to develop naturally and that is why you should avoid leaving her the impression that all you want is to take her into bed. If you let the evening develop in a natural way, you can progress from one level to the next one and so on until you get her where you want to.

Why should you take her into another part of the club or elsewhere? When you are leading a woman is a very powerful thing and when you go together in a different place it is almost like you are going out on a date. More importantly, if you start talking to her and make it all sound like a joke, it will all seem less threatening. You give her the impression that you want to spend some time with her and get to know each other better which leaves an open door to new possibilities.

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