Have a Successful Relationship

Have a Successful Relationship


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Nowadays, nobody takes the time to fix what’s wrong with their lives and divorce is the most common shortcut we take. It is a blatant escape mechanism to evade the pain of a relationship audit.

Deep auditing

The best way to improve the rapport with your mate is a relationship audit. You can choose between learning how to be a better partner through trial and error, or take control and pinpoint crucial flaws that demand correction. Due to the pressure put on our shoulders by the nowadays society, we have to work harder to make a relationship work. You must recognize what makes up a harmonious union and stop being indifferent.

You can fix it

There is no irreconcilable difference. Conduct yourself in the confines of your relationship within a logical set of criteria such as:

Autonomy: Do you let your partner grow and support her with her goals? Do you encourage her to be independent? If the answer is no, you have a problem. Both partners need to be strong for a successful union.

Control:  Do you seek to control your partner or do you foster open communication and personal growth? If you suffocate your partner, it may lead to catastrophic results.

Commitment: This is the ultimate sign of devotion. Real commitment means compromise. You must know when to succumb to her wishes and when to exert your influence.

Relatedness: In order to attain this quality, you must be an active listener and pay close attention to her.

Responsibilities: You must share the loads and strive to help each other to bear the burdens of everyday life.

Communication: This is the key to every successful relationship. You must encourage your partner to be open and show her that you are supportive.

Agreements: Every decision deserves the considerations of both of you. Avoid being selfish and involve your partner in major decisions.

Conflict resolution: In order to solve a conflict you must agree that you are both on the same side. Avoid fighting to win, and when you do it learn from each other.

Attraction: Avoid routine so that you can keep the romance and physical attraction alive. Be spontaneous and you will be able to keep the relationship fresh.

Affection: You can grow affection through proofs of affection. Moreover, some affection can make wonders after a rough day.

Romance: You must be mysterious, spontaneous and you must make an effort without having any expectations. Try to maintain the spark alive with romantic dinners or getaways.

Intercourse: This is the ultimate and sweetest result of attraction, affection and romance. Communicate your needs to your partner and be attentive to hers as well.

Time to relate better

Get to know each other in order to improve your relationship and adjust the areas that require development.

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