Her profile picture says a lot about her

Her profile picture says a lot about her


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Internet dating can be a box full of surprises.

To start with, it’s easy to surf the Internet in order to find the woman of your dreams. You get to choose from millions of online profiles and pick the woman that you desire. Also, at a click’s distance you get to some vital information about her.

Without investing too much time or energy you are able to get to know someone from a distance. Therefore, if you want to discard a woman, it takes less pain and stress to do so, over the Internet.

After a certain amount of time, you find online dating to be frustrating and a time consumer. Why? Well, the majority of people lie on their profiles, even when it’s only about some details. According to a certain study, something like 81% of online dating users, provide false information about their height, weight and age.

This study also reveals that many women’s profile pictures are at least a year and a half older. This means that the girl you are attracted to might be actually older or heavier than she is letting you know.

It’s something normal to present yourself with your best profile picture, especially on an online dating site. Actually, there’s more to this trick. Some people spend hours in finding pictures which makes them look as skinny and as attractive as possible. In this way, online dating users present themselves tricking the reality.

Similar looking photos

If a woman smiles with her mouth closed in each and every photo, she might hide something shameful under those lips.

Another type of series are the photos in which you get to see parts of her body from different advantageous angles, some of them very explicit. This usually means that she has some complexes related to her body image and she wants you to focus just on certain parts of her.

Women know that men prefer hourglass figures. We know this so well that we actually try to trick you by posting only close up face pictures, with the hope that you will fall for our personality and charm and when finally meeting in person you will overlook the eventual flaws.

Too sexual

Don’t let yourself fooled. If she seems too good to be true, chances are that she probably is. Not every woman who signs up on an online dating site is searching for some serious loving relationship. There are many women who just want to flirt or find a one-night stand.

Always look carefully at women who give away intimate photos, too soon. 

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