How do you keep her once you got her?

How do you keep her once you got her?


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I am going to share with you the most common mistake men make when it comes to picking up the woman they like and keep her interest alive.

Because we see ourselves as hunters, we usually focus more on the hunt and less on the outcome. We do our best to impress a woman until we get her and then we forget to keep her interested. You may think you have won her, but truth is she can always walk away if she doesn’t feel the attraction anymore and she is definitely entitled to do so. Therefore, whenever you think that you won the “prey”, think again.

A friend of mine once dated a girl he really liked. He was always confident and funny with her so it didn’t take long before she really fell for him. At some point she told him she would like to see a guy she had previously met online, just to see how it goes. He totally freaked out and started to behave like an insecure wuss who was doing anything to keep her beside him. She was surprised to see that confident guy turning into a needy wuss who cannot handle a bit of jealousy.

After he realized he was acting in a desperate way, he just told her to go and see him. Her reaction surprised him because she said she had changed her mind and she does not want to meet anyone else.

Relationships are all about respect and trusting your partner, so if you managed to get her with your confident attitude, don’t change. If she was attracted to you in the beginning, this will not change unless you do.

Keep her interest alive by surprising her the way you did before. Tell her to dress nice and go meet you at a certain place pretending you don’t know each other and seduce her again. Women hate routine and boring men, so keep her excited and she will not even think about seeing someone else.

Always remember, when it comes to “winning” a woman, it’s not just about starting a relationship with her, but also keeping her by your side not by whining and turning into a total wuss, but by showing her the real man you are.

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