How do you know if your date was successful?

How do you know if your date was successful?


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We are always wondering after a first date if it went well, because we know that the entire relationship depends on this date, and it is harder to get a second one if the first one doesn’t get the way we want it to go.

If the first date is great, the following ones are going to go a lot smoother. Since it’s hard to make the first one a hit, I present you this guide:

1. Body language

If you want to know how she’s really feeling on your date, you should pay attention to her body language because it will usually tell you more than she will want you to know. The three main things that you will have to look for in order to tell how the date is going are: Did she sit very close to you? Have you touched each other at all? Was her body towards you or away from you?

2. Laughter is the main indicator

If you are on a first date and you want to know if she is having a great time or not, you can pay attention to her laughter. If she isn’t laughing is a bad sign, if she laughs a little, she does have a good time, but if she laughs a lot, she is definitely enjoying herself and has a great time.

3. Conversation

The flow of the conversation is another great way to tell how well the date is going. Due to the fact that you are somewhat a strangers, the conversation may be awkward, but as you spend more time on the date, the conversation should improve and go smoother. If this is not the case, then it is not a good sign and a second date may never exist if the two of you cannot carry a conversation.

4. How you communicate after the date

The communication after a date consists either in the fact that she is contacting you or her answering to your attempts to contact her.

If she contacts you first and says that she had a great time, it means she wasn’t so impressed but would like to try again another time. If she says that she had a great time and the two of you should do it again, it means that she had the best time and wants some more.

Contacting you and saying that she has had a great time and you should do something next week, for example, you are doing better, but if she sends you a message in which she talks about something that you two shared during the date, then you are really getting somewhere.

If you try to contact her three times and she doesn’t answer you, or she does but she says she’s too busy to talk, then it is over.

5. You have to initiate the next contact

Because you are a man, you are the one who should be the first initiate the contact after a first date, since your main role is to pursuit and initiate, while she has to try and slow you down a little.

After your first date you should send her a quick message in which you tell her that you had a great time and suggest a possible second date.

If she gladly accepts it, then you had a great first date, if she doesn't, then your date didn’t go quite as good as you thought it did.

Despite all of these guide lines, the surest way to tell if a first date went great is a second one.

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