How long should a baby boomer first date last

How long should a baby boomer first date last


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If you are a motivated baby boomer you have all the chances of finding a wonderful match. After you’ve chosen some of your best photos and invested in a good senior online dating site membership fee, you are on the fast track to finding love.

You have searched through a couple of profiles and found someone who caught your attention. You communicated with a few active singles on the dating sites and now you have agreed to meet each other on a date, in-person.

You need to make this date a success and you should know exactly how long it should be. Even if some stories talk about situations where a date lasted for hours due to the flowing romance between the two, it’s a bit too hollywoodian for my taste. You most certainly don’t want to make a mistake by making the date last too long.

It’s better to flirt in a shorter period of time if you both agree to go on a second date that could last for hours and hours.

60 minutes, that’s all that you need

An hour is plenty of time for you to get to know each other, but if you enjoy your date’s presence you can extend it to 70 minutes, but no longer than 75 minutes.

Even if it may seem that the conversations could never end and that everything is going just fine, on a longer date you have the chance of revealing too much at once and that is never a good thing. It kills the mystery and the romantic spark somehow, don’t you agree?

Regardless of how well you might feel you know that person, he/she is still a complete stranger. Why don’t you give to both of you a chance to build a connection in time? After all, your goal is to get a second date, isn’t it? 

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