How much do looks matter?

Hi, I met this really kind girl two years ago and she really loves and cares for me. We have been together ever since and now we are planning to move in together. Our relationship is so stable that getting married does not even get into question. The only problem is I never really considered her pretty and I just settled when I decided to have a relationship with her. I am thinking that in 20 years I might regret marrying her. Is it wrong to break up with somebody only because of their looks?

Question from: Jackson

Answer for: How much do looks matter? from Men Advice Team

LetsBond answersWell, dear sir, my answer would be yes. I am really sorry to see that the media has more influence on your vision of the future than her love for you. You have the kind of woman who is ready to commit and start a family with you. She seems to be a loyal and kind person who deeply cares about you and wants to make you happy; these are basically the traits a woman should have when starting a family and you are thinking about throwing everything out the window because she is not pretty enough for you.

You must know that good-looking women are more likely to break up with you once the marriage might get rough because they know they have options and can always find another guy. So, be wiser than the media wants you to be and choose the right woman to start a family with. Also, my guess is that 10 or 15 years from now, you will not have the same opinion about your wife-to-be.

Best of luck!

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