How online dating helps men

How online dating helps men


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For some men, online dating seems mysterious or arbitrary and they see it as a gambling game where you can hope to win but you anticipate losing every single hand.

Just as the news of some guy winning the jackpot may convince you to play the game, so does the news of someone finding their match on a dating site convince you to join it. Does online dating really provide a better chance at winning than the slots? Or is it just another expensive diversion that keeps the odd in the favor of the house?

1. What do dating sites really want?

Do online dating sites win their money just as the casinos?

Casinos don’t win money from those who randomly win the big prize, but from everyone else who doesn’t. They cash in from the regular clients, who win just enough to keep coming until they end up on the same dead end in the long term.

Unfortunately, this is also the way dating sites cash in. They earn their money from those who do go out on a date from now and then but they cannot find that special someone who can make them cancel their subscription.

2. So, is online dating worth it?

Fortunately, the gambling analogy is not entirely fair and genuine. Online dating has more in common with something like blackjack than the slots. Just like blackjack, there are rules of online dating. There is a wrong and a right way to approach online dating sites. Just like blackjack, when you start knowing what you are doing, the odds shift in your favor.

You must not approach online dating like the slots because you will only waste your money and your time. If you just write something on your profile and you do not send interesting messages, your chances of meeting a great woman are just as slim as those of winning the lottery.

You must follow the rules and you need to invest time and effort to master this game and that is how you can win and beat the house. The online dating game seems unfair and arbitrary just because you are not committed and you will end up confused, frustrated and disappointed.

Online dating is not a scam or a random gamble, but a game and like in any other games, it is up to you to win or lose.

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