How should your girlfriend interact online?

How should your girlfriend interact online?


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It would seem that with the evolution of the Internet, our dating lives have encountered more obstacles than before. A few years back, we were supposed to wait patiently for the next date with a woman, while now you know everything she does through the means of social media sites.

But what are you supposed to do when your girlfriend is being careless with her online interactions? Find out what to watch out for and what to ignore.

You are not her father

If you see photos of her at parties with her girlfriends remember that you are her boyfriend and not her father, don’t judge her for the things she does in those photos, it won’t look good. If you see photos of her and her ex together, if you trust her and you are confident that your relationship is fine, again, don’t worry and don’t say anything about them.


If you see that she is uploading sexy videos of her, like pole dancing tutorials or videos of her modeling, you should let her know that it’s not ok for her to share them with the world, especially if you didn’t know about this beforehand.

Sharing too much

If your girlfriend is one of those annoying oversharers, this means that every time you go out with her she will probably feel the need to check her Facebook news feed very often. If you generally enjoy your privacy, this is a great downside because everyone will know what you do together. The best thing you can do is talk to her and let her know how you feel about all of this.

Even with the privacy policies, people start to think more and more that nothing about our lives is private anymore. Choose wisely the discussions you want to have with your girlfriend about her online usage. Just remember to ignore the small things but never hesitate to talk to her about the things that bother you.

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