How to ask her to marry you

How to ask her to marry you


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It is said that when you will find the right woman to marry, you will know it. If you are in a happy marriage or relationship I bet you agree with this. There’s something you can’t explain but makes you look into her eyes and realize that you want to spend your whole life just with her.

If you are not part of a successful and passionate relationship, you will consider all these words as being said in vain. We are here to help you see what does ‘when you know, you know’ means and what you can do in order to get her to marry you.

How can you ‘Know’? 

There is no universal answer to such a complex question. However you should know that ‘know’ means more than everything. This means that you know you love your girlfriend/wife, that you know she loves you back, knowing that she is your best friend, knowing that you belong to her, knowing that she will make a great mother, etc. Finally, knowing everything about how a perfect couple should be like.

If you know all these small and important details then keep her close or ask her to marry you as soon as you feel capable.

If you don’t know, well, it means that you have to keep looking for that woman who will shake your world.

Be that guy

Here you have some important things to think about when you know she is The One:

1. Do it yourself

Proposing is something only a man can do. You shouldn’t let your woman get on her knee and ask for your hand. No matter how forward and progressive she is, it’s something you should do, not her.

2. Anticipate the answer

If you don’t really know if she will accept to become your wife, don’t ask her yet. It might mean it’s not time yet, or that the two of you should talk a little more about going serious.

3. Living together

Prior to marriage, a healthy couple should experience living together. Moving in with her or the other way around might be a good start. If the two of you get along under the same roof, everyday, it’s another hint that getting married is the right thing to do.

4. Act natural

When you decide to propose to her, make sure to be yourself. Act natural in a romantic way, but as yourself. She will accept your proposal if she loves the real you. If not, move on.

5. Buy her a ring you can afford

If you suspect that an over-the-top ring will make her say yes, even if she knows that you can’t afford one, then it might not be the time to ask her. If you tempt her to marry you with an obscenely expensive ring, she will expect such treatments everyday and it’s not really a healthy aspect for your marriage.

6. Father Son Talk

Regardless of how intimidating your future father-in-law may be, you should talk to him before proposing. If your loved one gets along well with her father, you should talk to him about your intentions.

7. Know your woman

Get to know your future wife. If you fear that she will be embarrassed by what you are planning to do, then wait some more time or get her prepared and comfortable with the idea of spending the rest of her life with you.

8. When in doubt, go for small and classy

You could build a little anticipation by setting a romantic scene which will only make her wonder what you are going to do next. Set the tone for what’s to come and she will say “Yes!” even before proposing.

9. When in doubt, go private

If you hate having an audience, choose a quiet and intimate location to propose to her to be your wife. Deciding to get married is an intimate thing so it should be done accordingly.

10. Make it big without being expensive

If you are absolutely sure that she’s the one you want, make it BIG. If you have an amazing idea such as getting married in Tahiti the following day, do it. It’s not that expensive but it is BIG for sure.

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